Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Morning from Manhattan

I arrived in NYC last night...well, technically this morning at be greeting by a cool spring eve. I grabbed a cab north for about 80 blocks from 33rd to 113th where Gabe and Jason live. I had the window down, and we drove up Central Park West the majority of the way - so I could looky-lou at all the grand parkside buildings.

This morning, Gabe and I headed out to have a Bagel and Lox at a historic Jewish deli/restaurant calle Barney Greenspan's. It was super tasty - but wow - $16 for a bagel with lox... welcome to Manhattan!

Then, after Gabe dropped into the subway system towards his meeting, I decided to walk approx 30 blocks through Central Park on my way back to his place. Once I stepped foot into the park, I realized that it's the first time I've ever really walked THRU the park.

It really is a spectacular park. So well manicured. Clean. Beautiful trails and water features. My favorite place was sitting down and enjoying "The Pond". I'd like to come back here with my honey, grab a spot under a tree and lay on a big blanket and take a nap. So serene. Maybe one day soon ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing some other friends while here. Gabe & Jason's place is HUGE! 3-stories - prob about 2800-3200 sq feet - and the neighborhood, Morningside, is really adorable. Great to see and be in a new part of the city.

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Matt G said...

I hope you behaved yourself and didn't catch any salmon with your bear hands at the pond ;)