Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A skosh nervous

It's funny to be so nervous about something. It's one part exhilaration, one part perspiratio. I know I'm 42 and an adult but I have to admit that in this moment, I feel like a teen/twenties again. Not from a "oh how youthful I feel" but more from a reminiscent feeling of youth.

This weekend I'm flying to Harrisburg to meet Matt's family and friends. I'm nervous about a few things. Of course, the obvious is "Will they like me?". I know that's silly but it is a concern. Although he's open to his parents and they've met his previous partner, it's still a big moment - especially since we don't live close to them AND I'm staying at their house. So this isn't like a meet-n-greet casual dinner and then back home. This is 4 days of staying with them - so it's gonna be lashes set to "charming" for 96 hours! I know it will all be fine - and I'll love them and they'll love me... blah blah blah... but it doesn't change the fact that these nerves are present - and I fear any awkward silences... GAWD I hate the awkward silence. I'll probably just go into Super-chatty mode - which I also need to be conscious of so as not to turn them off...that can be equally as annoying as awkward silences.

One blessing is that Tress, one of Matt's best friends that I'm close with, will also be in Harrisburg staying with us at his parents, so there will be some comic relief as they have known Tress for some time and also adore him. And having him there too will really ease things for me.

Other shining stars are that I've met 2 other dear friends of his that live back there - Lika and Jesse. As long time family friends of Matt's, it's also nice to know there will be familiar faces to see.

The other part I'm nervous about is being a big soggy mess. It'll be August in Pennsylvania...that translates to muggy and hot. Not this bear's best microclimate. Other than trapping myself indoors surrounded by central air, I'm sure we'll need to leave the sanctuary and venture into the swampy outdoors and into a steamy car...enough times for me to be soaked and stinky. That'll impress 'em!

My last nerve-making issue is "Keeping up with the Grigoryans". You see, I've been fairwarned that doing vodka shots is a common occurence during meals to celebrate visitors...a holiday...oxygen... so I'm really nervous about being able to keep up and not accidentally hurl smoked salmon all over my new mother-in-law. "Oh Matt...he's just deLIGHTful!" Matt said he'll teach me how to say "half-size please" in Russian so they'll pour me smaller shots, but I'm sure that translates into "Big pussy here" and I don't want to embarass Matt to his family.

I'll be thankful for three things:
1. I hit it off with his family and friends
2. The humidity and heat don't melt me
3. I pack Advil

Stay tuned for the post-trip report.


Cheeky! said...

When you first meet his folks, make sure you say, "Dvy-ya dooshu yamatall!" It's an old Armenian greeting that roughly translates to, "Wow, what a weekend this is going to be for me!"

Then, "svenushka" is a nice pet name you can use when calling to Matt's mom, particularly in front of others. If they cook anything for you, make sure you tell them it tastes just like "skatina."

Just keep in mind that they never met me, so the bar was never raised too high. You'll be fine!

Matt G said...

Yes, please follow Cheeky's instructions to the T. Do greet them by saying I'll tear out your soul and spin it around, do address my mom as Little piggy, and most definitely compliment the flavor of food as Live stock.

It's also true that the bar wasn't raised, as Cheeky would be the most salty and accidentally funny Jew of their life.